fitness of the mind


Forgiveness is a constant in many of our lives. That part of the ‘life roller coaster’ that goes from hurt to pain, bitterness to depression and sense of being lost to confused. All resulting back to forgiveness, or so as it is said – in order to be free from these…

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Do birds of a feather really do flock together?

I have been thinking on this heavily for many years. Mainly because I was the one judged or have heard judging by others of others and possibly or even surely was the one judging too!  Judging that because one person is one way, it is certain that the other must…

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Healthy Lifestyle and Natural Remedies

About 8 years ago I became an aerobics instructor for a couple gyms, Lady of America and LA Fitness.  It was never a desire or thought of mine to become a fitness instructor.  Originally I was just a member at Lady Of America. During this time instructors were moving on…

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