Passionately Angry

This evening I stumbled across a journal entry I made on August 19th on my iPhone’s notepad. I sensed so much anger in my writing. I thought “geez, I was upset… Angry… PASSIONATELY angry!” Like many Americans are today due to differences of opinions on the new President-Elect Trump.

I remember being glued to the TV in 1988 when former President Reagan was speaking on national television. I was inspired by his words and so captivated by his speech at such a young age. I remember wanting to become a police officer, detective and FBI agent. I literally felt an adreneline rush at the thought of knocking down doors with the SWAT team and surprising the bad guys. I was always so passionate about helping, protecting and loving. During my 10th grade year of high school I even joined my hometown’s Homestead Police Explorers. I loved it, the intense workouts, challenging book work, hands on training and working within the community.

Lately I have been in deep thought, remembering the passion I once had to serve and the events that transpired causing me to lose complete interest. I can vividly remember the very day I sat at the police explorer’s table with my police explorer books allowing small thinking and negativity to fill my soul. I was so innocent and gullible, yet young and immature. I watched my own family members in and out of prison. How could I become something that they despise? How could I even stand a chance? So I quit!

I lost my childhood interests and that includes politics. As I got older I noticed politics was\IS full of drama and causes separation within our country, just like this election. It has folks passionately angry to the point of unfriending life-long friends. This is crazy! I feel as though many of us have no place to feel any type of way. I know I gave up a long time ago. I was not able to sit through an entire presidential debate, it hurt my eyes and ears. I decided I wasn’t going to vote ever again but then I changed my mind. I was hearing deep concerns within the people. I thought I should at least vote for the experienced one even though I did not feel confident in her ability to make sudden vital decisions for our country. It was a careless and immature decision. Rather than being angry at the outcome I am driven to make a difference for the future as I wish for many.

We have to lead by example. We have to be what we want to see. It is admirable to be passionate and even passionately angry but make it effective. The communication keeps dwindling around here. People complain, yet do nothing. People fight, riot and create chaos to get a message across but what are they doing on a regular and normal basis to improve our communities?

We could have come together as a wise country and created better options. We allowed them in those seats and now we have allowed the outcome to be. If we are the greatest country in the world then why aren’t we behaving as such?

Each of us are a direct reflection of what is. Be passionately loving <3

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  1. Patricia Benavidez | November 18, 2016 at 3:02 pm | Reply

    I love the passionately loving!!! Great article my friend!

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