Do birds of a feather really do flock together?

I have been thinking on this heavily for many years. Mainly because I was the one judged or have heard judging by others of others and possibly or even surely was the one judging too!  Judging that because one person is one way, it is certain that the other must be too. This was constant deep thought after a conversation that led to one friend’s lifestyle versus my lifestyle many many years ago and how some saw us as the same. People actually assume(d) that because one of my friend’s like blue that I must like blue too.

It was always troubling to want to understand because it wasn’t true. Yet the saying “birds of a feather flock together” is a common view. We each had certain things that we liked individually that we all couldn’t understand yet still supported each other and maybe that’s the “feather.”

I love and completely get a high from meeting new people. Connecting with people, from all areas, genres, lifestyles, religions, languages, countries, etc. It is SO fascinating to me! I have gained many friends over the years that are completely into different things that I am into, live in different areas, were raised differently, are from an array of countries, are different ages and have different systems of belief. They all have their own ways of being too. Yet we are all drawn to each other, kinda like “opposites attract.”

Tonight as I’m thinking on all this and finally writing on it, after planning to do so for so many years, I realize that we do have a similar feather of which ever particular flock it is. Our hearts are aligned. There is a love there that no matter the type and taste, we share a pure heart. It is almost indescribable. It is a desire to learn, share, and love all as I wish the world to be. An openness that no matter what you or I do, what you or I believe and what you or I want, it’s about our individuality. Nothing for me to hold against you or for you to hold against me.

What you like is what you like, and what I like is what I like. Our ways of being are different but still pure. Our understandings can’t be understood. A genuine heart doesn’t separate, categorize or shelve people. Big hearts and great people. That’s the flock that I roll with.

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