MLR Consulting Services

Offering services for individuals to be inspired through mind, body and career and for businesses who are seeking to improve their operations, employee satisfaction and profits. With over 20 years of experince, MLR Consulting Services offers its clients an individualized program that incorporates their specific needs to become and maintain success in all facets of life. We look forward to working with each of you...

  • Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is a constant in many of our lives. That part of the ‘life roller coaster’ that goes from hurt to pain, bitterness to depression and sense of being lost to confused. All resulting back to forgiveness, or so as it is said – in order to be free from these…

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  • “It should have been with you!”

    Have you ever heard someone say that their spouse and\or children “should have been with you (or someone else)?” I heard it recently. I was a little shocked. Well maybe more than a little shocked, more like dumbfounded for a split second. I do this thing where I say everything that’s…

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  • I fell out of love with myself, into disaster and back to my purpose.

    I still remember thinking no way would this relationship go anywhere. I clearly remember the moment I poured it out into the universe. I doomed it before it started. I was head strong. I knew what was right. I knew what was safe. This was a recipe for disaster, on…

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  • Business Services

    With MLR Consulting Services,  you can easily design your own custom package. Working with us your company can improve business profits, create better efficient processes and both the staff and your customers will receive positive benefits.

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  • Life Coaching

    Our purpose is to inspire, motivate and guide individuals to reach their maximum potential through life coaching which includes personalized interactions and programs developed based on each individual’s unique needs and personal goals.

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  • Health and Fitness

    We work with our clients to establish and maintain goals to ensure a healthy and fit lifestyle through a complete understanding of their family history, current capabilities and health conditions to set realistic goals that ensure improved health benefits.

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